Tuesday, June 12, 2007

StemPets for Dogs Testimonial

Jan Ault (Indiana)

Jan Ault is one of those people who takes in animals who need rescuing, and gives them a safe, comfortable place to live our very long lives. In 2006, she was "Mom" to 21-year old Yuppie Love (a Water Spaniel/Collie mix), 21-year old Charlie (a Persian cat), 6 year old Gweedie Baby (Fox terrier), 6 year old Lucky "U" Love (Chow/German shepherd mix), Cyber Sauce Love (a severely overweight male cat) and Baby Love (a black kitty Jan rescued when he weighed only 4 1/2 ounces). Since each of her rescue animals had some serious health challenges, Jan decided to use all six as test subjects for the pet product.

The results were quick and dramatic. Yuppie Love "seemed to come to life," Jan says, pointing out that her best friend had many age-related physical problems that made his daily life one filled mainly with sleeping. His mobility increased after only three weeks on the pet product, and "he was standing up, barking, jumping off the bed and wanting to walk," Jan says. "He had so much more pep!" He no longer seemed to have trouble hearing commands, either. Her vet said, "He seems to be getting younger," and Jan had to agree.

The large swelling on Lucky "U" Love's neck disappeared almost completely within a short time on the test product. For normally hyper Gweedie Baby, the pet product had a calming effect. "She's settled down," Jan reports, "but she's still energetic. Now shes more focused. She'll play with one toy longer, instead of dashing from one thing to another, like before."

Tubby cat Cyber Sauce Love lost some weight on the pet product, "and he's very contented," Jan reports. To "always complacent, reserved" Charlie, the pet product brought a new vitality. A cat who congenital heart problem had led to a very immobile lifestyle, Charlie on StemPets was a brand-new animal. His usually dull coat and his eyes shone, his appetite increased, and he took on a daily regimen of stretches and mobility that Jan had never seen in him before. "I had an all-new Charlie!" she says.

The "new Charlie" has not gone unnoticed by little Baby Love, and the interest seems mutual. "Baby Love has always been a scaredy-cat," Jan says, noting that the little cat always wanted to be around the "completely disinterested" Charlie. With both cats on the pet product, a new feline friendship has blossomed. Jan says, "Now I can find them curled up together, sleeping and purring, most of the day."

How does Jan feel about STEMtech's new pet products? "There aren't words beautiful enough to express how I feel on behalf of your contributions," she wrote to Christian Drapeau recently. "You have given my animal friends a new lease on life!"

Jan Ault, Indiana (Testimonial in Healthspan Magazine, Spring 2007)

Monday, June 11, 2007

StemEquine for Horses Testimonial

Eve-Marie keeps nine horses, "all older thoroughbreds," and was eager to participate in the trials of STEMTech's new stem cell enhancer for horses. She shared her allotment of test products with a few large commercial thoroughbred farms, veterinarians and other "horse people" she knows, and has been pleased with the consistently excellent results she has seen and others have reported to her. "This product will help so many animals," she says, adding, "People and animals are more alike than we are different. So it makes sense that a stem cell enhancer for animals with promote their health, too."

Eve-Marie's pet product trials show dramatic results. "For several horses facing serious physical challenges, cases where the animals might have to be put down, we saw a return to quality of life. This did not happen before Stemequine." Eve-Marie says that this turnaround was quick, less than two weeks in many cases, and that the subject horses were back to health and enjoying pasture life within a month.

One of the unofficial trial subjects for Stemquine was a 30-year old donkey who was in "bad shape," Eve-Marie reports. "He had chronic respiratory difficulty and could move about only haltingly". His owner had StemEnhance to help with her own serious health challenges and shared it with the donkey. "The donkey's owner says this is the first time she wasn't sick, and her donkey is walking all around, feeling great an enjoying life again!"

Eve-Marie Lucerne (Testimonial in Healthspan Magazine, Spring 2007)